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Today we are seeing a craze for the Internet, but like any medium of communication, it must be used well to be effective. However, the web today reveals its Achilles heel as it appears in our lives as an inquisitor. A website is a display of the company and it must attract internet users to apply a certain number of principles.

Unlimited Internet Temptations?

In recent years, the Internet has grown exponentially and the tools that allow access to it are with us wherever we go. However, we should not assume that the web is a communication tool that we can hook up with in our corner and with the tools at hand.
A site is like living matter: it must move, change, for people to come and come back. Graphics, image, animation, ergonomics preferred. For this, it is necessary to favor navigation speed, lightness during loading and ergonomics when consulting. Creating a genuine graphic, strongly marking the company’s image, will benefit its recall and encourage one to return frequently. It’s a capital point that considers using recent technology and calling on professional designers and developers. How many creators have faced the ineffectiveness of their site but had to wait for the webmaster to finalize their site and eventually abandon their project because it was overtaken by a faster competitor!

How do you rise amidst the abundance of information?

With good natural context which is achieved with multiple links and frequently updated textual material to encourage consultation. This is not done with a magic wand. An excellent web editor is essential but he must master all the secrets of web writing. The quality and management of your database is a major issue, so you should pay special attention to it.
The ideal site therefore requires at least four skills: web designer, developer or integrator, copywriter and finally, marketing analyst who will process data and coordinate tasks.

The aesthetics of the web should not obscure the strategic purpose.

Technique should not hide the essential: being on the net because not everyone is interested in themselves. Being on the net as it is a medium that does not require investment which reduces your cash flow is also not a good calculation. You need to know what your site is being used for and what it is for, so as not to get lost in unnecessary tasks.

Also know what you want to communicate through this medium, which alone cannot ensure all communication of the company. And set clear objectives: to inform or empathize with people or want to sell, etc. Brands must carefully select their contacts so that their site becomes a reference.

Speed, upstream and downstream

It is surprisingly easy to create an online store today. Turnkey platforms are, although impossible to upgrade, represent a very immediate solution, economical and easy to install.
Considering a commercial site implies that its logistics are impeccable. If the normal price of the product purchased is paid, it is impossible for a Net’s customer to wait for delivery in eight days. We have to have increasingly shorter deadlines. A site that shows delivery within 48 hours and is unable to do so loses the trust of its visitors. The Internet user is intuitive, zapper, treacherous and easily complaining.
Is an incident reported in a forum? It is the credibility of the company and the work of many years that can be wiped out in a matter of days. Everything happens very quickly on the net.

The problem of the Internet is its spread, its need and its extreme ability to change, which obliges the webmaster to always be on the alert: he must not only ensure the proper functioning of his site, but also be constantly on the alert. Rumor and counter it if necessary.

Site does not replace paper

Be that as it may, traditional media should not be overlooked. They are still essential relays. The Internet struggles to promote itself. Posters and press are best suited for a launch campaign – One Fortiori One Site Launch!
However, the paper medium has evolved: customers now want more sophisticated and qualitative tools than ever before. Operations are more targeted and more specific. Mailings and brochures are designed to last as long as possible: impeccably sharp visuals, detailed layout, intricate folding. Print communication becomes sophisticated and becomes a “commodity”. Object of attention, object of admiration, collector’s object, object of solid possession. These are vectors whose function is not only to convey lasting information, but also above the image of the company. Paper has the advantage that it fully addresses its receptors not only by words and images – but also by touch and sometimes by smell. A global sensory dimension that is still far from the Internet.

We should not underestimate the choice of paper to honor the planet, so when we create a paper medium, it should have meaning.

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