6 Tips for Getting Network Recommendations

Asking for recommendations is often a difficult task because it puts us in a position that we find uncomfortable. however, Recommendations by their very nature open doors because they are built on trust. It is because you will have established trust that some people will not hesitate to recommend you. This trust has probably been built thanks to your customers’ satisfaction, harmony with your partners and because you will also know that you were wisely asked to recommend it. It is a win win relationship.

Recommendations are, for an entrepreneur, a great proof of recognition but also the best way to convince new stakeholders. The support of a network is a valuable asset to be used without restraint. Here are six tips for getting a good recommendation.


Word of mouth continues to be the source of the greatest successes. The network contributes to generating this phenomenon. Therefore it is wise to expand the circle of your relationships as much as possible. Who would be most likely to recommend your services to their contacts? And which prescriber will really give you a good image? The satisfaction of your customers, the trust of your partners… All your contacts may see you differently and provide you with different types of comments. Make sure your recommendations are complementary. Don’t hesitate to grow your network with areas near you or in conversation with you.

Maintaining Your Network, Key

No secret: It’s easier to ask a favor from someone you feel close to than a vague acquaintance. A written recommendation is used to prove your worth to convince a partner or a buyer. So remember to develop your professional relationships that will be more willing to help you if they feel appreciated and listened to. Maintaining a network includes emails, calls, physical meetings with all the people who are likely to contribute to your business. The network is built over the long term: your customers and your partners won’t call you just once. Follow-up is key so that contacts are not short-lived.

solicit customer feedback

Positive customer reviews can be the first recommendations. When you meet and deal with consumers, feel free to prepare a short questionnaire. Present this document in the form of a satisfaction survey and specify that their opinion concerns you because their opinion is necessarily one of your priorities if you want to maintain a good reputation and they will feel more respected. If they feel that their opinion matters to you, that feeling may motivate them to write more rewarding reviews. Online questionnaires have proven to be just as effective. On a network like LinkedIn it is entirely possible to be recommended by your contacts and have help sent to them. This action takes only a few seconds and as soon as many people support you, it can hit the mark.

Put your cards on the table!

Before submitting the satisfaction questionnaire to your customers, make sure they will complete it favorably! During your presentation, ask your interlocutors whether they understand you well, if your remarks are clear enough. Revise your ideas regularly, build a logical speech with parts connected and try to work hard. If you take this step, the customer reviews will be even better! At the end of your client meeting, if they’ve convinced you, take advantage of it and lay your cards on the table. ask them directlyT “Who can you recommend me? », In front of a potential partner, ask honest questions: “Do you think my project might be of interest to other companies? », Let’s be clear, rambling can get annoying very quickly so don’t waste time and ask the right questions.

don’t hesitate to recommend

Do you treat others the way you want them to treat you… This saying takes on its full meaning in the art of conversation: You want your interlocutors to speak well of you? Talk about them properly (if they deserve it). You know how valuable a recommendation can be if you’re looking for positive reviews of your business, so make that one too. Don’t be afraid to take the first step. When a company in your area agrees to meet with you, bring it up. The conversation could very well result in a mutual commitment. remember try not to get too close ” Complex “, Be honest without being too insistent. You can use formulations like “If I had to brief one of my contacts about your activity, what should I tell them? ,, Direct and effective, this offer will invite your interlocutor to issue it.

Participate in Entrepreneur Clubs

In this type of structure, recommendation is almost reflexive among the members. People managing such a group include organizing events during which you can engage in discussions and setting up virtual forums to interact with other members. Go to them, be interested in defining what your interlocutor can bring to you and launch the magic phrase mentioned above. Entrepreneurs’ Club has the advantage of bringing many professionals together at one place.

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