How to Download and Install Android Apk Application?

It’s not just the Google Play Store to benefit from great apps on your smartphone! It is possible to download Android APK application using a specific file. Of course, the maneuver is a bit more complicated than clicking the “Install” button, but it allows you to take advantage of new and sometimes necessary tools.

Using an Android APK application means having a wide choice of mobile software. You can take advantage of apps that are not available in the App Store or beta. So how do you download and install these file packages? We uncover everything for you!

What is Android APK Application?

APK is short for Android Package Kit. This file format is used by Android to distribute and install applications. It contains all the elements needed for the app to function properly on your phone. Just as Windows uses the .exe file to install system software, so does APKs for Android. In other words, when an Android developer has finished building an Android application, it is the APK that will allow it to be installed on your mobile.

An APK is also an archive file, such as ZIP and RAR files. Which means it has multiple folders, plus metadata useful for the application. It turns out that APKs are a variation of the JAR (Java Archive) file format, as a lot of Android’s are built with the Java language.

All APKs are basically ZIP files, but they must contain additional information in order to function properly. So, all apk are zip… but not all zip are apk!

Therefore an Android APK application requires the installation of this collection on your smartphone in order to function correctly.

Why Install Android APK Application?

There can be several reasons for downloading an APK application to your Android smartphone:

  • In particular, benefit from the new Android version
  • Install an application that is not available in your country through the Play Store
  • download updates in advance
  • Test an app before putting it on the store
  • Re-install an older version of an app (because the update doesn’t suit you or is not compatible with your smartphone)
  • Install Apps When You Don’t Have Access to the Google Play Store

How are APK files created?

When a developer builds an Android app, they usually use Android Studio. After the app is ready, the IDE compiles it and puts it in a container which is nothing more than an APK file.

APKs can have any name, but should generally retain the “.apk” file extension so that the operating system knows how to interpret them. When you open an APK, it contains installation instructions and provides information for your device. This allows it to interpret the data and transcribe it in an app.

When you download or update an app from Google Play, it automatically installs the APK. The App Store therefore acts as a package manager.

However, due to the open nature of Android, Google Play isn’t the only way to find and install APKs. It’s easy to get the APK file through another platform and install it manually. We tell you how in the rest of this article…

How to download android apk application?

To download the Android APK application to your smartphone or tablet, go to your web browser.

  • Download the app of your choice.
  • From the notification bar, tap on the downloaded file and install it.

If your web browser refuses to open the file after downloading, check your file explorer. Go to the “Downloads” folder of your device, you should find the APK.

To install it as best as possible, remember to read the requested permissions and grant those that are required.

How to allow installation of APK file on Android?

Since the Android APK application is not from Google Play, the operating system or your browser may refuse to install it on the phone. You must first grant access to these so-called “anonymous” applications.

This way:

  • Go to your device’s Settings and tap on Apps & notifications.

  • Click “Chrome” or whatever browser you’ll be using to download the Android APK.

  • Tap Permissions and enable the “Allowed” slider to allow installing apps from this source.

On some Android smartphones, you’ll need to:

  • Go to “Settings” then “Security”
  • Next, click on “Unknown sources” to allow installation of apps not from Google Play

It is also possible to grant access to your application after downloading the APK from your browser. By clicking on the downloaded file to install it, you will be asked to authorize installation from previously unknown sources.

Also remember to disable the verification function offered by Play Protect. The tool may uninstall your Android APK app on the grounds that it is not from the official App Store.

Hire Android Developer to Build APK Applications

Do you want to create your own Android APK application? Our Tip: Get in touch with a freelance developer who specializes in Android!

An Android developer is responsible for designing and building applications for devices running this operating system. These Android apps are usually written in Java, but you can choose other programming languages ​​according to your needs.

This freelancer specializing in coding mainly takes care of the development process by creating the functionality of the application. He also designs the user interface along a specific path, promoting navigation and mobile user experience. Its purpose is to guide as much as possible to accomplish the requisite tasks.

Android developer is responsible for creating the architecture of the app by writing clean code. Its role will also be to reduce or remove bugs coming from Android APK applications. By calling this professional, you benefit from a quality app and you are guaranteed the security of your data.

How to choose a developer for your Android APK application?

Choosing an Android Developer

In order to choose the right Android developer for your APK application, here are some criteria to check:

knowledge of programming languages

Programming languages ​​like C, C++, C#, Java, Kotlin or JavaScript prove to be important for any Android developer.

  • Java: This is the official Android development language and is supported by Android Studio.
  • Kotlin: This is the new official language of Android. It’s similar, but easier to code than Java.
  • C++: Android Studio supports C++ in conjunction with the Java NDK. It is used to make games. Some developers like to use it to build certain elements of an application.
  • C#: This language is a more user-friendly alternative to C and C++. It’s also less difficult to understand than Java.
  • JavaScript: Allows you to build applications using the same code used to build websites.

A professional developer should have mastered at least 2 of these languages.

additional software knowledge

In addition to programming languages, your Android developer should have other technical knowledge, such as:

database mastery

Knowledge of databases is important for any Android developer. The latter will have to be mastered by the most popular ones, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, MariaDB, SQLite.

SQLite is ideal for mobile applications and is useful for permanent data storage.

Knowledge of Android Studio

Android Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) in which Android applications are developed. It provides tools to quickly build APKs for each type of device running this operating system.

Working with Android Studio requires knowledge of Java or Kotlin to write XML and code for the design.

Knowledge of Android SDK and different versions of Android

SDK stands for “Software Development Kit”. It is composed of Java code modules that allow developers to access smartphone functions such as Camera, Contacts or GPS.

There are many versions of Android, so a freelance developer needs to stay up to date. This will allow him to create an application suitable for all users.

Knowledge of different APIs

API stands for “Application Protocol Interface”. It allows communication between different programs. For example, if you want to add weather to your application, you will need to use an API.

An Android developer should also be aware of the Material Design guidelines established by Google to prevent your APK from being viewed as a threat to mobile users.

soft skills

Beyond technical prowess, your Android developer of choice should have certain human qualities, notably:

communication skills

Application development is a team effort. The developer must communicate regularly with you or your team. The ability to listen, as well as respond to needs, remains an essential element in building a successful Android APK application.

eye for detail

The developer has to write hundreds of lines of code. If any character or characters are not correct, the code will not work. Attention to detail will enable him to design bug-free applications in a timely manner.


The world of mobile applications is constantly evolving. New programming languages ​​may appear, standards may change, and software may evolve. An application developer should be able to adapt.

our tip

If you also want to develop a high-performance Android APK application, post an ad on You’ll receive tons of quotes from qualified freelance Android developers with the skills you need!

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