Auto-Entrepreneur File | what does it have?

Registering a self-employed business is considered easy. faster. You still have to submit a valid file! In fact, the documents to be sent vary according to the type of individual business you have: EI, EIRL or EURL (only under certain conditions). So what is included in the auto-entrepreneur file and what does it correspond to? Zoom in on the file to be set up to become a self-employed person.

Why set up a self-employment file?

Easy enough to be able to bring your own business into existence in the eyes of law and tax administration! In fact, if you do not compile the registration file, you will never receive a siren number. And without a siren number, it’s impossible for you to invoice any service or sale: it would be considered hidden work.

Failure to declare your activity exposes you to tax penalties and especially to immediate taxation of your income which can be increased up to 80%.

A list of documents according to the selected status

Depending on the type of business you want to build, you will collect various documents to send to the Clerk of the Commercial Court or the CFE (Center de Formalités des Entreprises). In fact, the micro enterprise plan is actually a sole proprietorship option available for EI, EIRL and EURL under certain conditions.

Sole Proprietorship (EI)

To create a sole proprietorship, you must complete a file containing the following elements:

  • 2 copies of the P0 form dated and signed;
  • Proof of domicile of the company;
  • non-convict and certificate of paternity;
  • proof of information from the spouse;
  • A copy of an identity document.

This is the legal form that requires the fewest steps you can take!

Sole Proprietorship with Limited Liability (EIRL)

To create an EIRL in a micro-enterprise, you need to provide the same elements as for a sole proprietorship. But you have to add the following:

  • 2 PEIRL micro-entrepreneur entries dated and signed;
  • Declaration of asset allocation.

good to know : The independent scheme announced by the government provides for the abolition of the EIRL statute in 2022 to facilitate formalities for entrepreneurs.

One Person Limited Liability Company (EURL)

EURL is a bit special as it is a company and not a business in its own name. However, she can benefit from the micro-enterprise regime. The documents to be provided are actually pretty much:

  • A copy of the Articles of Association, certified true and signed by the sole shareholder;
  • 3 copies of the M0 EURL form;
  • TNS Interlayer if the sole shareholder also exercises the functions of the manager of the company;
  • Certificate of publication of JAL (Journal of Legal Announcement) or SHAL;
  • Proof of domicile from the registered office;
  • A copy of the identity document of the sole shareholder and manager;
  • the act of appointing a manager if he is not in the articles of association;
  • Depositor’s certificate of funds if the capital includes contribution of funds;
  • the contribution auditor’s report if the contribution to the goods is significant;
  • Register of Ultimate Beneficial Owners (RBE).

Given the complexity of the EURL as compared to a sole proprietorship, you can refer to our dedicated article to know the documents to be provided and understand the details of the formalities to create the EURL.

What are the documents required to build your micro-enterprise?

You now have a list of the elements required to register your self-employment business. But what do they match? Auto-Entrepreneur Zoom in on different documents of the file.

P0 Form

To put together your auto-entrepreneur registration file, you will need to complete the P0 form. This is what will serve as the “identity card” of your company. Actually, you will fill in all the information about yourself and your future business.

There are several P0 forms depending on your situation:

  • P0 PL form, reserved for liberal micro-business activities;
  • Micro-Entrepreneur P0 CM Reserved for commercial and artisan activities in micro-enterprise.

Lastly, the P0 CM or CMB form is reserved for activities for the formation of Sole Proprietorship (EI) and Sole Proprietorship with Limited Liability (EIRL) excluding Micro Enterprises.


In addition to P0 which contains all the information related to your company, you must show white paw to the administration and submit a certain number of supporting documents:

  • a copy of your identity document;
  • A domicile certificate: This can be a rent or energy receipt, or even a copy of your domicile agreement;
  • A copy of your diploma, if required;
  • Non-guilty and a sworn statement of paternity: You declare on your honor that you are not the subject of any conviction that specifically precludes you from carrying on business and that your parents are required to be able to identify you. Indicates name and surname. in a state of apparent disambiguation;
  • A power if it is not you who carry out the formalities.

Declaration of Asset Allocation

For EIRL only, the asset allocation declaration allows the entrepreneur to separate his personal assets from his professional assets. In the event of financial difficulties or bankruptcy, only the latter can be forfeited. You can use our asset allocation declaration template, or call on the services of a legal professional or LegalTech.


If the declaration of asset allocation includes immovable property, you will have to go through a notary.

ACRE request

If you are a job seeker while submitting your auto-entrepreneur registration file, you can benefit from ACRE. This system allows you to take advantage of partial or total deduction in your social charges for 1 year.

For this you need to send your ACRE application form at the same time as your auto-entrepreneur registration file.

good to know

All registration formalities for self-employed people are now done online!

Build Your Self-Employment File: Alone or with someone?

to manage alone

Today, the process of setting up a business is completely paperless. This saves a lot of time, and limits the risk of loss of documents! On the website, all you have to do is create an account and then declare your business by following the 3 steps clearly mentioned. If all supporting documents are not uploaded, you may not validate your file, which prevents you from being refused for an incomplete file!

be with

If you don’t want to waste time or risk making a mistake, you can get help:

  • by a legal professional such as a lawyer, notary or chartered accountant;
  • by a LegalTech.

The first option is rarely used to create a micro enterprise given the amount of their fees.

Legaltech, on the other hand, is on the rise! These companies specializing in legal formalities allow you to start an online business quickly and cheaply. They take care of your entire auto-entrepreneur file for less than a hundred euros on average.

In just a few clicks, you enter yourself and your company information, scan necessary supporting documents and the service provider takes care of everything! He checks the correct conformance of the elements and the follow up of your auto-entrepreneur file. Thus, Portal Auto-Entrepreneur, or actors like LegalStart or LegalPlace free you from any administrative hassles!

How much does it cost to submit an auto-entrepreneur file?

The good news, filing an auto-entrepreneur file costs (almost) nothing. Indeed, registration is free for commercial, craft and eclectic activities. Only the activity of a commercial agent gives rise to a payment of 24.71 € for registration in the RSAC (Special Register of Commercial Agents).

However, other charges are added to the cost of filing an auto-entrepreneur file. This is especially the case if you use the services of a legaltech that charges a commission. To find out the cost of registering a self-employed business, you can refer to our article on the subject.

general question

How to become a self employed person?

You just need to register your micro enterprise to be able to start your activity. You don’t even need to wait for your SIREN number, you can start your business as soon as your registration form has been sent.

How long does it take to get Self Employed Siren?

Once your file has been sent to the Registry or CFE, allow between 1 and 4 weeks to receive your siren number.

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