5 tips to identify trends in your market and beat your competition

The only thing that today’s business can create is change. Trends change more and more quickly, and it becomes more difficult to identify which ones will have an impact on your business.

These days the most successful brands are successful simply because they can foresee the upcoming market trends and, therefore, shape the future rather than let the future take over. To do this, you must be aware of the latest “trends” in order to anticipate and implement future developments and innovations.

In this article we’ll list the main tools available to identify trends in your market, in order to stay ahead of your competitors.

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View research and other trend reports

For a clear picture of your area and to determine where it is headed, you should regularly inform yourself of the many reports published on it, and which are readily available to you. This will help you see how your industry will develop, and set the course for the next few years.

Trend analysis can also alert you to changes that threaten your market. For example, the timely detection of a global pandemic, and various lockdowns around the world, could have encouraged a neighborhood merchant to set up a website that would “click and collect” to allow him to continue working. (or other means available). ,

follow influencers

As an entrepreneur, it is not uncommon for you to be pressed for time! We do not always have time to read all the interesting articles about the field of our respective companies.

So how can we stay informed? Via Social Media: They are a powerful tool for following influencers in your market and getting their ideas heard.

Plus, it’s always good to be active on social networks, to show that you want to be ahead in your business, in short “keep in the conversation”.

Make the most of digital tools

If you are a little obsessed with “Big Data”, then you know the wide variety of analytical tools available at your fingertips. This is great, because you can let these tools do a lot of things that will help you understand the big picture in your market clearly and quickly.

Data analysis can really help you uncover trends that are increasingly being demanded by online consumers.

For example, Google Trends displays a long-term snapshot of niche trends. Even on Google, Keyword Planner allows you to search for the most popular keywords used by your target demographic, and a range of potential uses, as well as the bid level of those keywords in the frame. future advertising campaigns.

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Listen to Your Customers (or Future Customers)

Talking to your customers is always very rewarding. After all, they are the ones who boil the pot, and they want you to listen to them so that your offering can always be further enhanced to better meet their needs! Don’t be afraid to chat with them and learn more about the pressure points your business can tap into to help them meet their expectations.

Regular qualitative surveys of your existing customers can or can provide you with valuable information about possible changes in their behavior and needs.

If you are a brand new business, you can also apply goal-oriented market research.

Listen to Your Customers (or Future Customers)

Check out your competition

Most successful businesses don’t follow the crowd; They try something new to stand out from the crowd.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch your competition! This can give you an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir position in the market, and tell you whether (and how) they are reacting to what could be considered an emerging trend.

Often, it is enough to look at their website, customer reviews, and social media channels to understand how you stack up against your competition.


Your work does not stop with tracking the market trends: on the contrary, the work has just begun.

Once you’ve identified new trends to hit your market with, you’ll be able to prioritize your efforts and decide what changes within your company to keep up with the ever-changing changes in consumption. needs to be implemented.

Using freelancers allows you to expand your services in a short amount of time to keep up with the latest trends. Post your project for free on Codeur.com to find qualified service providers in multiple areas.

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